Studio 9 creates hangers in tailored designs, materials and treatments. Our team will guide you through the numerous options available in terms of the quality, durability and look of materials. 

“Not just a functional product
- A key element in your branding” 

  • top hangers
  • pant hangers
  • coat hangers
  • suit hangers
  • accessory hangers
  • hooks

A Reflection of Your Brand

Add identity to your retail experience with an exclusive presentation of your products. We customise every detail of your hangers to make them truly reflect your brand. 


Your logo acts as a beautiful detail on the hanger. We make it look exclusively integrated with the method of your choice. 

Studio 9 - Denmark

“Tailored designs, materials and treatments”

Enhancing the Shopping Experience

Your clothes deserve the right protection and presentation. But even more vital is that the retail experience for your customers is enhanced by the quality of the hangers. Whether you need a basic or deluxe hanger, we are here to assist in the design process, product development, pricing, and anything else you may need.

“Present your brand in the way
you hang your garment”


Choose a Circular Approach

Studio 9 offers FSC®-certified wood, as well as fully recyclable hangers made from 100% recycled materials. Our clients can expect full transparency in the development process as we focus on using responsibly sourced materials to craft high-quality designs.

Alternative Materials

  • ocean plastic
  • elephant grass
  • corn or potato starch
  • beetroot sugarcane
  • coffee grounds
  • paper pulp