Display your clothes in a realistic way. The options are unlimited. We play with creative combinations for both natural and abstract looks. Therefore, we supply both standard and customised mannequins. The newest innovations of materials and treatments are possible to shape into any form, size, and position. 

“Durable, charismatic, innovative”

  • fashion
  • kids
  • sport
  • lingerie 
  • plus size
  • torso 
  • leg forms 
  • anything you need

Material Choices

Our team of experts will guide you in making the best choices of materials to create the right mannequin to convey your brand identity in a retail environment. We take all elements into consideration when we work with recycled and recyclable plastic and organic or innovative materials based on production waste.


  • fabric-covered
  • painted
  • sandblown
  • electroplated
  • water transfer
  • transparent
  • solid colour
  • raw 
Studio 9 - Denmark

“A reflection of your brand DNA with
all elements tailored to you”

3D Printed Mannequins 

Advances in technology optimise our processes. As 3D printing has improved, it has meant we are able to offer exclusive mannequins that are 3D designed and printed. It is a great option that simplifies the process and decreases the use of resources and material waste.

“The innovative choice”