In the world of retail, we believe in ‘love at first sight’. We know that a good first impression is essential because it tells you what to expect from a product. With that in mind, we create packaging solutions that reflect your brand identity while paying the utmost attention to functionality, protection, and appearance. As a result, we create packaging that your customers will find worth holding onto.

“A good first impression”

  • product packaging
  • retail packaging 
  • e-commerce packaging 
  • tote bags
  • anything you need

Product Packaging

The look and feel of packaging play a key role in the decision-making and buying process. We design and develop signature packaging that supports your brand experience. Whether you need a designed box or a simple polybag, we can provide you with a wide variety of options.

Retail Packaging

Your customers carry your brand story with them through your retail packaging. Packaging is wrapping up the in-store shopping experience and Studio 9 is here to help you do it nicely. Studio 9 makes sure that this important marker of your identity reflects your values and meets your needs.

Studio 9 - Denmark

“Give your products an edge and create your own shape”


E-commerce Packaging

We provide a complete solution for packaging that takes care of your products as they are shipped to your customers. In addition to premium protection, we ensure that the excitement of the shopping experience is captured in a great-looking design.

Tote Bags

Nothing beats a great tote bag when it comes to offline branding. Imagine your logo strolling around the city on the arm of your customers – it's a great way to get noticed. We take care of all the details, making sure your bag is a perfect reflection of your brand and something people will love to carry.⁠